Custom made

With over 50 years of experience in potatoes and more than 20 in peeled potatoes, we dare to call ourselves a real potato specialist. Due to the fact that we deliver our peeled potato products to foodservice as well as the retail and the processing industry, we need to be extremely flexible. Every customer has different needs and wishes and we offer a wide range of products.

We can package the potatoes in 1 till 10kg plastic bags, delivered in boxes of 400kg or per crate of 10 or 20kg.

In addition to that we have an assortment of standard sous-vide product. For larger quantities we can fully adapt the products to your wishes.

The food processing industry has to deal with strict safety rules and rightly so. To fulfill this we regularly do microbiological examinations and we test our products intensively beyond the standards of our customers. Read here what we do about quality control and which quality certificates we currently have.

That a look at our current range of products or contact us to speak through all the possible options.