We would like to welcome you to our variety show, which this year, besides the physical variety show, is also offered to you digitally. Of course is a personal visit is always preferred, but not everyone will have had the opportunity to visit us this year.

As usual, we present the results of our variety trials in the following series: Early, Medium-Late, Organic and DEMO. In addition, there is also an export series this year. Results are averaged over the test locations and, if available, over the trial years 2017 to 2021. All seedlings and varieties have been photographed, so that a visual encounter with the upcoming talent is possible as well.

We develop new seedlings in collaboration with breeders, breeding companies, as well as with institutes (like Bioimpuls) and even jointly with companies that are customers or suppliers of Schaap Holland. In addition, as Schaap Holland we are active in several parts of the potato sector. Such as, ware potato cultivation, sales to Retail, international processing companies. With our peeling company we supply potatoes to Retail, Foodservice and ready-meal producers both nationally and internationally.

Being close to the market and growing in cooperation with various links in the potato-chain in order to fulfil the wishes of the customer and the consumer as well as possible is currently the best fit with our vision. In this rapidly changing international market with its increasing demand for sustainable products, we see new challenges that we, together with our chain partners, are addressing as effectively as possible.

We hope that this digital variety show meets with your expectations and we are curious about your response, which you can easily send to us via the contact form (of course you can also call us).

Hans Geling
Director Seed and Ware Potatoes

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The varieties have been grown at the following growers.