The Agria truly is a multifunctional variety. Their high-starch content make them very suited for boiling, mashing and deep-frying. We picked up on that in the early stages of the variety and started using it for most of our products and that’s something our customers really like!

Because of it’s rich taste, elongated shape and excellent frying qualities it’s one of the most popular varieties. The Agria remains quite firm after frying, is crunchy and very tastefull.

The Agria really comes to its right in the Dutch clay ground, but it isn’t easy to grow. That’s why we work together with a large amount of specialized growers who can grow large, extra tasteful Agria’s.

We can provide Agria’s for most of the year in a variety of packaging. Depending on the harvest we sort them 55 til 65 millimeters and up. Contact on of our employees to find out what we can do for you.

Besides the Agria we have a lot of other excellent varieties we process, like our new variety Valencia. See all our varieties in our product range.