Quality control

Poldergold products need to be of the highest quality and to assure that we sample, check and adjust from the moment the potatoes get planted till delivery to the customers. All of that starts during the growing phase of the potatoes when we check for quality and size. Our growers, growing supervisors and truck drivers make sure the potatoes get to our factory with as little damage possible.

When the potatoes arrive in Biddinghuizen they get checked in our quality centre via an automatic inspection line. Their average size, underwater weight, cooking- and frying qualities get determined and they get screened for potential flaws.

Based on the information we received from the quality centre the size sorter, optical sorter and washing plant are set to the characteristics of the batch. After all this there still is a human control to make sure only the best potatoes get to the customer.

When they’re completely checked and sorted they get weighed and packed into products ranging from 600 gram till 25 kilos. Our quality control regularly samples the quality of the end product on the day they we’re produced and on the expiration date.

Processed potato products

Peeled and/or cut potatoes go through a longer journey. After these potatoes are sorted and washed they’re transported over a 25 meter long conveyor belt to another building. After peeling them they get checked by an electronic eye for any flaws. The eye determines the final destination for every single potato. After they’re sliced to their final shape there is a final human check to make sure only the best potatoes get packed into Poldergold products.

The potatoes get carefully weighed and packaged into recyclable packaging. Our packagers check every bag when they load them into crates or boxes. Besides this our quality control regularly checks the end product on weight, packaging and if the product has the desired end result our customer wants.

Working this way has helped us receiving these quality certificates (Click to see the original).