Doing business with us is based on mutual trust. Personal contact and clear agreements form the base of lasting business relationships. Schaap Holland is active in every chain of the potato market. Seed potatoes are the start of this chain. Our seed potatoes department continuously researches current and new varieties to be innovating and to be able to deliver high-quality products. Since we’re active in every department of the potato market we understand the current and future demand of the market. Because of this were able to process our own developed potato varieties.

We differentiate our seed potatoes in the categories; Consumer consumption, industrial processing and organic varieties. Check out our product range to see which varieties we currently sell.

We produce our seed potatoes in cooperation with our own specialized farmers at home and abroad. Currently we’re cooperating with farmers in the Benelux, Germany and France. With the help of these growers we’re producing products suited for Europe, Africe, the middle east, Asia and America. In the sale to these areas we’re differentiating ourselves on quality, relationship management and flexibility.

We have consciously opted to register our agreements in simple contacts. Growers have the possibility to choose from several contract types in the sale of their seed potatoes. These types are;

Fixed price

A set price for a predetermined amount of potatoes.


It’s also possible to be part of a pool. This consists of multiple growers that pool their potatoes together. Schaap Holland will market the pool in collaboration with four growers that have been picked by the complete group.

Are you a seed potato farmer and would you like to grow high-quality seed potatoes with us? Contact one of our representatives.

Are you a seed potato trader and would you like to buy from us? Contact on of our salespersons.