Quality control

Quality control at Schaap Holland consists of;

  • Selection
  • Inspection and testing
  • Certification
  • Product development and innovation

Our products are tested at every step of the way from planting till delivery. Every lot will be tested multiple times during the growing season. With this information we can predict the quality and yield of the crops.

Every lot is sampled and judged on the predetermined quality requirements before they get sold. A complete quality centre with automated inspection line has been built to aid in correctly assessing each lot.

There are multiple samples taken during the processing of the potatoes to ensure the quality of our products. In addition, all products are randomly tested according to the preparation method of our customers. Our quality control works together with our sales department to make sure that our products will be improved to the requirements of our customers.The unbridled commitment of our growers is of great importance in this regard.

Working this way has helped us receiving these quality certificates (Click to see the original).