Table stock potatoes

We supply potatoes to big supermarket chains and we want to deliver top-quality products. In order to achieve this all year long we need the help of our motivated growers. We are proud of the fact that we’re active in every part of the potato market, from seed potatoes to end customers. We’re able to satisfy every possible customer in their need for potato products. This includes our own growers, by supplying them with seed potatoes.

Our seed potatoes department continuously researches current and new varieties to be innovating and to be able to deliver high-quality products. We have a wide range of our own table stock potatoes as a result of their work. Our representatives are always available to make sure that your growing season and harvest go as smoothly as possible.

Doing business with us is based on mutual trust. Personal contact and clear agreements form the base of lasting business relationships We have consciously opted to register our agreements in simple contacts.

Are you a grower and would you like to grow table stock potatoes with us?  Contact our representatives for a conversation about what we can do for each other.